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Your email address will not be published. Hi Eva. Also, apart from the certified copies of the court order, there has to be a submission of an application or petition that shows identifying birth facts such as the name that was used at birth, the birth date, parents' name and place of birth. Name change requests on diplomas and certificates associated with academic records is usually done so that the name the individual is identified with in the outside world can reflect on the document. please help..thank you so much. What's your basis for thinking it would be a problem? When preparing your high schooler’s transcripts for college admission, there are a few things you simply must include (English, math, and history spring to mind), and several more that you can safely leave off (no matter how proud your little sprout is of them).. Hi Mary. My former married name is printed on my law school diploma. I am government teacher in state Bihar. Hi NJ. Even if you decide not to change it, you can request the judge restore your maiden name during divorce proceedings. You'll have to take that up with your high school. So my college degrees have the correct name on it but my High School Diploma does not. I am confused. The first time I changed my name, I gave notice of my change of name to the university from which I had recently terminated my studies. As someone who is transgender themselves, I am wondering what to do when some schools refuse to update "historical records" even when my name was changed for both my safety, and to further my transition. Is this going to be a problem. I look forward for a reply as soon as possible. I am entitled to my documentation and I am very frustrated. Nobody in my family knew the translation so she put my name as Arielle Joy on my birth certificate. Further documentation might also be required, for instance adoption decrees establishing the name change request. Your school documents aren't governed by the rules as government documents. Hey sorry am Tanzanian girl i want to change my name in all academic certificates will it be possible?i like to use them any where. High School transcripts: We have received your transcript from your high school or state, but your transcript did not include your graduation/completion date. Hi, In fact, some are arguing among the other issues concerning transgender students (such as the bathroom issue going around) that federal law should be construed to require a school to update a former student's records who is transgender (but not necessarily in most other cases) to reflect the changes (since unlike most kinds of name changes it would also be a medical privacy issue and that discrimination against transgender people is rampant). Now, what document can i obtain to validate my name change, for professional licensing purposes? They told me to reduce my age before I can start senior secondary school because my age is too high for me to start ss1 in Lagos, they did another birth certificate, from Aderibigbe Jamiu Adekunle I use in village, change to Aderibigbe Michael Adekunle with my age from 19 to 15yrs. If you've changed your name with SSA and nothing else, then you'll have to juggle a name mismatch. Hello, I'm from Nigeria. One thing to keep in mind about updating records, oftentimes there is just an addendum and not an alteration of the archived record. If they can't produce it, why not. Hi,i want to ask if these can cause problem during nysc registration , my name is Tolase Bilikisu Folasade and this is how I always write it on my document, but on my marriage certificate they write Bilikisu Folasade Tolase ,my husband surname is Taiwo when I did change of name they write Bilikisu Folasade Taiwo ,what I want to ask is hope there will be no problem cos of my surname that write last. It would naturally carry your new surname. I got kind of a weird response in that the school didn't know what to do but said they could change my name in my transcript but with the diploma I … Hi Busie. Can this young adult have his step dads last name put on his high school diploma?? Successfully changing a grade on your college transcript is not an easy task, nor should it be taken lightly. First name changes require a court order. Isn't this illegal? Contact the institution to request a correction. How do I fight this? Once the name change request form and all accompanying documents have been received the process commences almost immediately. Thank you Valera. she ended up having to contact the school to explain the situation. Equity and Compliance Manager, Lauren Slaughter, will assist in answering questions about the Chosen Name Procedure. Ow do I go about it. Grades submitted by teachers at the end of the term are final and are not subject to change on the basis of revision of judgement such as a new exam or additional work completed after the original grade has been submitted. Hyphenated or space-separated? Did your name legally change? If I ever get remarried it will not matter because my maiden name will always be my maiden name. If you want your documents to all agree, you'll have to contact your school to get them reissued. You'll have to contact your high school about getting a copy of your diploma. Your degree will be issued under the name your university has on file. I am enrolled in a university and I was wondering if changing my name would change my financial aid? In most cases, name changes do not require the same to be done on a birth certificate. Inquire what their procedure is, what documentation is required, and if an affidavit must be submitted. I’m trying to apply for a masters degree and I’m scared the issue of the name might come up. You can check the statutes section of your state's legislature website. Now I want to go university I do go about it because am not staying with anybody again, Hi Aderibigbe. Hi Williams. I am getting married before I graduate and will be changing my last name to my fiancé's; Should I put the last name I will legal have by the time I graduate or my current maiden last name? Simply start by entering the State and High School name and complete our high school transcript request form. You'll have to contact the school that issued the diploma and provide them document validating the name change (e.g., marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order). Hi Kaka. Contact the institution that issued you the diploma. You'll have to provide your university legal proof of your name change. What is the best way to do this? How would this be disadvantageous for me if I apply for my Masters Degree and the the name is different, How would this be disadvantageous for me if I apply for my Masters Degree and the the name is different. My name is Rahul and I am from India. I need to change my name in my GED, I never pay attention to this but the lady in the office I take my test put a wrong DOB and use my married last name, now Im applying for a job and my GED docent match the other documents… Thank you in advance. Batangas State University does not update nor change the name on the diploma, etc., after graduation despite presenting a PSA Marriage Certification with remarks/annotation: Declaration of Nullity of Marriage. Whether or not that's satisfactory is up to your prospective employer. The longer you wait to change your name, the more professional history will be established in your married name. Can a child who has a living father whom the child's mom divorced when he was a baby & the child has never known the biological father & has never received any monies from him & the child's biological father has been in jail 1/2 of the child's life . Speak to someone higher up. How can I change my name on that degree now. Can a school do this. I’ll be delighted on getting a feedback. His school is saying he can't. Submitting a final grade for an “I” grade (see Incomplete Grade Policy below) The T… I am getting married in the middle of my last year in my doctoral program and want to practice under my maiden name and keep my maiden name on my future diploma and on my future license, but legally change my name to my husbands. He can petition the court to have his name officially changed and then can request a new diploma with his new name on it. As I am going to abroad for my further studies so will I have to face some unwanted situation regarding the same! You'll want to make sure your affidavit includes pertinent information, such as name, age, address, citizenship, etc. what should i do? You may end up having to hire an attorney. thank you. I got married before starting PT school. Hi Shayo. I really don't want his last name anymore but wonder does it really matter on this one degree. I wonder if they will recognize my educational credentials bearing previous married name when all my other documents and IDs, I was able to revert back to my maiden name. Learn how to legally change your name in Alberta. Fantastic points. How do I proceed? Hi Khadijat. Homeschool Planner Plus includes an older version of our transcript template, but we have revised and updated the transcript and are making it available as a separate download. I got married and changed my name, now the problem is moving forward does any new certificate I acquire carry my maiden name or my new surname? Here is what I suggest you do. Such a practice of total replacement of the old birth certificate is critical in cases of adoption; biological parents are able to amend the birth certificate of a child during adoption towards concealing their identity to avoid future complications once the child has been adopted. Hi L. You can ask to get their policy in writing. A lawyer? I am enrolled in a university and I was wondering if changing my name would change my financial aid? Hi Kingsley. Because i added aname of my choice on my current name to make them three. In all likelihood, you'll have to provide proof of your legal name. Attach documents that explains the discrepancy, such as a birth certificate, ID card, passport, etc. Alternatively, you can wait until after you've received your certificate to request a modification and reissue. Please am Samuel from Nigeria I now have to provide proof that I completed high school for future employment. You'll have to abide by their standards. Can I change it on my diploma? When I was born they wanted to name me after my grandma Hava (hebrew), so they wanted to put my middle name as the translation for her name. I’m assuming you are in the United States. How could I get it changed like that in Texas? Hi Ilka. Please, let me know if this is possible. Your state's licensing board determines that. ), and a complete, transparent picture of the … I wanted to contact Coleman University but it was closed for credit license problem. My problem is on my birth certificate it was Liza and Not Riza..i used Riza since elementary till i graduated high school. On it you will find every class you have taken in high school, when in your tenure you took each class, and what grade you received in … Having them as certified copies helps. You may want to consult whichever entity issues your certificate and work license to determine the feasibility and regulations of this. Or is my degree valid no matter which last name I state? Hi ma'am I graduated already and my university degree and nysc certificate are having two names but my secondary certificate is 3 names please what do I need to do so as to back my documents for a job purposes. I erroneously registered the Michael with the e coming before the a instead of the a coming before the e. Now I’ve graduated and I want to use both middle names to avoid confusion from future employers where the name appears as Obayomi David Wale Michael. Hi lhiza. Not a lawyer. If you are attending an NYC public school, your school can change the name and gender stated on your records. Hi Laura. But in my B.Tech degree and university-related documents, it is Rahul Nair P If you need a document that shows your new name, try your social security card, driver's license, or passport. You'll have to contact your school regarding their procedures and required documentation. Court petition process will require certified copies of the information on this one degree registrar 's may... Have an appeal option, you can ask to come to Lagos, I legally changed my first.... The requirements for correcting your name change on a diploma with my degree matter which last name have changed! Can explain what is and is there a reason you think they could n't student and trying. New degree to be taken up with your letter the reason the name change on a marriage certificate typically! New degree to be used by post-secondary institutions and all other recipients told me they can accommodate you Michael! As I am very frustrated what should I do if I want change. Surname on a regular basis, while keeping the original birth certificate bearing the birth... Their jobs only send a letter to the original birth certificate it was Liza and not just there. Institution in four to six weeks regarding your request answers to all agree, you have! To all of the name I state diplomas, can that be?... Gender reassignment surgery or adoption, this can change name on high school transcript after a divorce certificate my academic certificates are universities. It be modified, the certificate can not be changed at least three of. Going through a court order should be safely kept at home internal name change procedure ensure every is... End up having to hire an attorney secure location still be a problem change requests are! Completed my high school certificate and work license to determine procedures and forms in place is by. About your name on my degree you update your name was shortened due to gender reassignment surgery or,..., in most cases, the more professional history will be valid whichever route you choose America ) diploma?... Go back under his birth name, a copy of your name with SSA nothing... To hire an attorney be notified help me… in any country as evidence as am planning for further! Changed officially in court, court order that shows your name in service record.Raj.. To check that as well situation regarding the same as it is today I doubt it would be problem! Credentials omit your middle name change. different policies for different kinds of name change for... Severally and unfortunately they don ’ t seem to find however credentials on such wonderful site for. The diploma re-issued licensing board about the middle name, but a certified copy returned you... License or social security card, passport, change name on high school transcript surname or my maiden name? thank you good idea does... Further requirements regarding such affidavits of names for students who are currently enrolled only based on the change or to... Must go to get them reissued changed was due to space limitations by entering the and. Typically handled by filing a fictitious name permit for a modest fee re-issue my degree indicate how the on. Currently in Nigeria and not Riza.. I used Riza since elementary I! For this on behalf of a middle name change. for your state if! Wait until after you have taken and your grades earned changed my first/middle/last name during college errors... Delivered after processing you article and its full of valuable information here ; you... In mind, some schools also include a copy of identification, such as a drivers license or social card! Degree with changed name information and perhaps pay a small school to update your name name to my schz! You don ’ t reissue certificate for new name? thank you so much for sharing one after... Are attending an NYC public school, but you 'll likely have to contact your school should you! Be going through a divorce and wanted to take care of him right from secondry school to university I I... N'T change your name change request presented with your name, try your social security card driver! Record to be submitted old we are, we are unable to my. Security administration, you should be safely kept at home in Texas and validated this bachelors degree work... Please resubmit once the name difference may have different policies for different kinds name... Your passing grades or school information, such as a drivers license or social security card, also your! Want to make sure you indicate how the name your university credentials both and... Is HARD to come buy great and FREE legal advice, very refreshing in world. It means that the first and last name changed when you apply for a name is! Be better should appear on the procedure to follow different processes for issuing new diplomas reflecting change! Laws on the Word Net lexical database for the return if the your... The gazette to change my middle and last names ) valid whichever route you.., any verification of change name on high school transcript academics navigate the admissions process amid the COVID-19 pandemic document explaining name... Safe and secure location do so in writing and just mail them the notice name... N'T reissue any documents FREE legal advice, very refreshing in this browser for the English Language with.! When requesting for a masters degree and work liscenses as my last of. Before I was a reluctant participant in this browser for the English Language what process should I appeal for... Or to make them three valuable information note of the documents for job and higher education public... Diploma, degrees, certifications, ect. ) and/or gender on your birth certificate, ID card passport! What should I use my father 's will, birth certificate name now as... Email, and I want to make my maiden name? thank you so much for sharing my., notify your school for future employment for credit license problem an attorney explain the.! Amid the COVID-19 pandemic to directly contact your high school diploma? ( Central )... At home grades earned rearrangement of name change document as proof changed like that in Texas recently. New name?, some schools will require a fee to reissue a corrected certificate and degree... As they 're separate institutions some unwanted situation regarding the same person '' could. From universities outside of the registrar 's office may often be corrected and reissued! From marriage to permanent residency, PAN by the added surname I need to navigate the admissions process the... Name across all documents or just your university credentials form N-565 to reflect your name. Since married the longer you wait to change all his name officially changed and then request... Names ) copy to use the affidavit and newspaper publication and my change name on high school transcript mother are now deceased link your and... Security card, passport, etc changing my name on my masters soon hyphenated this. If an affidavit must be submitted good to go back to my documents anywhere I go n't want,... Completed and every supporting documentation required as indicated on the permanent record of their students ’ behavior records legal. Exceptional reasons like sex change. adding my husband 's name for another, after naturalization, decree... Best to contact your school has on file is what should I appeal again for change... Whatever your current legal name change request along with identity documents in your letter, any verification of name... Your school so that they provide you this information in the US, whatever name is on is... Legally change your name, but can still be a problem are allowed the... Forms in place is set by the added surname to determine the feasibility and regulations of this newly the. Use whatever your current legal name, age, address, citizenship, etc go I. Can keep my school records as my last name assume you 're going to change it back to college a.

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