About Us

  In 1977, after hearing about the popular Tony Awards, a FortWorth disc jockey named Terry Beene started a joke about the “Terry Awards”.  People began calling about ticket availability and Terry Beene was forced to put on a real  show. Since Terry had spent so many unappreciated and unrecognized years as a club musician himself, he combined his love for Country music and his past as a night club musician into the idea for an award show, that went from an on-air gag to a serious show of recognition.  Over the next thirty years the Terry Awards grew in size and popularity.  It has been held at such places as Billy Bob’s Texas and Casa Manana in Fort Worth.

 Terry is a bright sensitive energetic man with a mind that ticks continuously with new ideas. The Terry Awards have always had something to do with the music business, the reason the 31st Annual Terry Awards will be held at Branson, MO in the luxurious Baldknobbers Theatre.